HR Tech Conference and Expo – Part 2

By Ganpy

Well, it looks like we are two weeks too late (at least). I had promised that we would report back from the conference the week after the conference. But, better late than never. So here I go.

The highlight of those few days at the conference actually was not anything specific that happened in Chicago but it was us receiving the news that we have been picked as one of the Top 100 HR Tech solutions to look out for by none other than William Tincup of Recruiting Daily. Here is the complete list. Now, this is just a list and we completely understand that. But we also realize that being recognized as a company and as a solution to look out for by an industry thought leader is a huge honor and this we hope will motivate us to seek perfection.

Being in the startup pavilion has its advantages and a few disadvantages as well. The biggest advantage is the fact that we get to share a lot of time with so many new startup entrepreneurs who are so full of ideas and passion in the pavilion. But the biggest disadvantage is that when you have small exhibit table, you could get completely lost and become unnoticeable, in a huge exhibition floor like the one we had in Chicago.

Overall, we had a tremendous response on Day 1 and Day 2, while Day 3 was slow as expected. We also got some good feedback from some of the potential clients who stopped by. Employee Engagement is certainly a hugely talked about topic and issue in the industry right now. More than ever. It also means that there is already a lot of noise around this topic. It could be very hard for a customer to pick up the right message from all this noise.

And that has been our biggest takeaway from the 2016 HR Technology Conference – To be able to fine tune our message so that we can cut through the noise in the marketplace, in order to reach our customers whom we want to benefit from a solution like ours.

Thus begins a new journey for us. One that entails charting out a noise free path with a fine tuned message.

Signing off,

Some pictures from the conference.




HR Tech Conference and Expo 2016

By Ganpy


Dear Readers,

This is to let you know that both Thorsten and I are excited to be at the HR Tech Conference and Expo in Chicago between Oct 4 and Oct 6. If you are going to be at the conference, please stop by the Startup Pavilion and say hello to us.

With HR Tech finally beginning to get the kind of attention it deserves, this year promises to be a great opportunity for so many customers and HR Tech Vendors to come together to share the latest ideas. For our part, we are naturally very thrilled to give a glimpse of Cabaana to the HR Tech world, especially our US customers for the first time. We hope to trigger a healthier conversation with customers in the Employee Engagement space, by bringing a different but a critical focus to the problem, which most companies haven’t yet come around strategizing for their businesses.

Thorsten and I will share our experiences from the conference through a blog post in the coming week.

Meantime, you can follow us on Facebook or on Twitter for more regular and more periodic updates from the conference.