Collision 2017

By Ganpy

Thorsten and I were at Collision last week. (May 1-May 4).
We went there to participate as an ALPHA exhibitor. As an ALPHA exhibitor, we get just one day to exhibit and our day was May 3, 2017.


1) We went to the conference with minimum expectations because this was not an industry or domain focused start-up event. But to our surprise, the conference turned out to be much more accessible for all start-ups like ours.
2) We were able to connect with very many start-up companies who are sailing the same boat as we are. It also gave us the much needed balancing board to weigh what we are doing in the backdrop of what else is going on in the marketplace.
3) We did have a couple of investor meetings. It’s always good to talk to investors, even if we aren’t specifically looking for immediate investment, because experienced investors bring a completely different perspective to the conversation, which invariably acts as a reality check for us. The key is to be be open for criticisms.
4) Since Cabaana is literally a few weeks away from its official grand launch, the timing of us attending an event like this couldn’t have been better. By attending this conference, we were able to assess where Cabaana’s roadmap is in relation to what we planned for it in the beginning.
5) The “Pitch” winner of Collision 2017 was Hazel.

Hazel is a Manager specific product and idea that can be

Here are some pictures from the event: